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In 1987 I suffered the loss of my 13 year old son... a tragedy no parent should ever need to face. We as parents always assume our children will out live us, and fortunately most do.

With time, I dealt with my emotions and went on with living. But something was still missing. I decided that I needed a companion outside of my children and family. A PET.

As a child, I was raised with dogs. I personally have always seemed to prefer dogs over cats. The whole, Come, Stay, Sit, Down, and Fetch bit. But the practical part of me took over. I was a single parent who did minor traveling for work, and my children were now in their teens with busy lives themselves. A dog was totally out of the picture. The required time and care would not allow it.

So now what? Cat? What kind? How Practical?

Need had to prevail over wants. There are many cats that I like solely on looks. If I were to go down that path, I would probably own about 15 cats today, all a different breed. So, I wrote down on paper the things I wanted in my new companion - - little shedding (friend has allergy) dark color (significant other wore suits), easy grooming (short hair), entertaining and playful, and above all ... affectionate and loving. The things I didn’t want were - - lots of hair (grooming mats and cleaning furniture and floor, or too laid back ( not very playful, just a couch potato). Then with notes in hand I purchased a cat encyclopedia and researched all the breeds. After lots and lots of reading I decided that the perfect companion for me was a Burmese.

Also as an aside, I found after purchasing my first Burmese that the breed’s nickname is the “little puppy dogs of the cat world”.

- Dark Color - Rich dark sable brown is the most popular color, 
  but the Burmese come in three other colors as well. 
  The Champagne, Blue and Platinum are also beautiful. I have 
  owned all these colors, but my initial choice was sable for the
  reasons stated above.

- Short coat - with the added benefit of being thin and close lying
  (almost no shedding)

- Active - but not too raucous.

- Very Affectionate - They follow you from room to room, sit on your lap at TV or reading time, and even seek you out and talk to you until you pick them up and love them.

- Very intelligent - We have child proof locks on our kitchen cabinets because Jasper is just too curious. Locks on our bifold closet doors because Dusty... well, he just loves to climb in closets. Monkey and Bella jump from floor to counter to refrigerator then to the cabinet tops to search and roam and play. It’s just too great of a spot for keeping an eye on all the activity. Jasper supervises me from that very same spot each night while I do the evening dishes. And while Cocoa was still with us, her favorite place was the top of the bathroom door. Yes, she slept on top of the door ledge. Go figure!

  I have trained two of my Burms to go for walks on a leash, three play fetch, and most come when I call them by name. Well, I guess they really do meet up to their “Puppy Dog” nickname !

Eyes - I must admit though, the most endearing trait of all that the Burm has to offer is not a practical one, but a purely personal one for me. Their eyes! Those HUGE yellow to gold round eyes that are so soulful they reach right down to your heart an grab hold. I call them “Poppers”. Every female I use for breeding must have “Poppers”.

After the decision was made to purchase a Burmese, I called several breeders (9 or 10) and chose the one I felt most comfortable with as far as care given, socialization and health of their kittens. Though price was important and had to be considered in my case, it was so far below the importance of health, socialization, and care that it became a non-issue. Most (but not all) breeders are within a $100 to $200 difference anyway. Health and social personality was certainly worth $100 more to me, if that would have been the case, but it wasn’t. I purchased my first Burmese in 1989. The love affair began. I was hooked, and I have not been Burmeseless since! I fell in love so much so that in 1992, I decided to begin breeding Burms myself. I registered my cattery with CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). Hence the founding of Li’l Paw Prints! 

In 2007 I started losing my original group of Burms due to old age. In 2008, my most dear cat of all, my precious Burmese Pooh Bear, My Cuddle Bug, My Confidant passed away. I was devastated.

It was time to add more females to my breeding program. I knew a sable 
Burmese was a must, but I felt it was time to add something new. A Bombay.

The Bombay was developed by breeding a sable Burmese to a solid black American Shorthair. I have grown to like the Bombay cats over the years for the same reasons I so enjoyed the Burms. Short thin coats with very little shedding, affectionate, entertaining, and INTELLIGENT. Their coats are pure black and are so shiny they look like patent leather. And as far as the “Poppers” go, they have them also. Sometimes not quite as large as the Burms, but big round and copper. As the Burms so completely meet up to the breed’s nickname, so does the Bombay. These are “The little panthers of the cat world”. So very black, muscular, and beautiful.

So welcome to my new jet black Bombay... Bella.  
We brought a great Bombay stud - Mikey, into the family. More recently, we added Bonita and Leia - 2 beautiful sable Burmese females, and Boo Boo a truely handsome sable Burmese stud . 


I could fill 3 or 4 pages of web space with pictures of Fathers, and Mothers, and Grandfathers, and Uncles and anybody who produced anybody in the past. And if you want that information it can be provided. But what is more important to me is the health, condition and personality, of the kittens themselves. Remember, you are purchasing the kitten as a superb pet, NOT its ancestors.
Even so, All my breeding girls (Burmese or Bombay) come from Champion and / or Grand Champion backgrounds, All !! Some also have Regional and / or National Championship in their background. For those of you who are looking for Show Cats, I will occasionally have them available, and on those occasions a pedigree is available to you. 


I have been fortunate enough to be present for every litter that was born in my cattery. Every litter is still as new and exciting as my very first. I have never outgrown the joy and amazement of each and every kitten that is birthed.

After Mama delivers all her kittens and I am comfortable that everyone is safe and healthy, Mama and her kittens are kept safely in her birthing / living area with a heated pad, special high protein food, fresh water and a litter box. Mama and the kittens are watched constantly throughout the days to follow.

For the first two weeks, I handle the kittens as little as possible, so as not to upset Mama. The kittens are unable to see or hear at this point, and Mama is very protective.

After week two, I start handling each kitten on a daily basis to begin the socializing. This socializing is critical to providing you with a "people friendly" pet. It takes time, but it makes a huge difference !!

When they are old enough to roam and play safely, they are released from the birthing / living area and raised underfoot ... a higher level of socializing.

When old enough to leave the cattery, your kitten will come with all three of its kitten shots and a contract.

IMPORTANT - SOCIALIZING, When your Kitten learns people are a good thing !

I am fortunate, in that, I work from my home and I am available for my kittens mostly 24-7. Each and every one of my kittens (your new loved one) is not JUST raised under foot as most breeders quote, but they are handled, talked to, and played with daily by me personally,and friends and family. Socialization and personality are very important to me because it is the beginning of what your kitten will become; "an outstanding pet".

I will leave you with what I tell everyone who purchases one of my cats.

  They will WOW you ! 

  Enjoy !!!

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